Luke & Faliesha ~ Temecula, CA

Late September we had the honor to do both video & photography for the Meng wedding! It was such a fun wedding and Luke & Faliesha we amazing to work with.  We had crazy winds during and after the ceremony which was kind of stressful but ended up being a non issue and loved how everything turned out! Congrats Luke & Faliesha! We can tell how in love you two are with each other and wish you guys the best!

Random Acts TV in San Fransisco

Been working with an amazing cast and crew for a TV show called Random Acts which will air April 4 on BYUtv. We ended up filming for 8 days in San Fransisco and every day was a blast and excited to see how it all turns out.

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Zions National Park

Ended up being super wet & rainy when we visited Zions earlier this March but was a non issue cause it made for some cool shots of some of the rocks.

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Samsung+ Creator Profiles || Album Surfboards - Matt Parker

For this Samsung+ Creator Profile, we traveled to San Clemente, California to shoot a piece on Matt Parker, Board Designer & Head Shaper for Album Surfboards.  It was such a honor to be able to be a part of this project. Something about seeing the shaping process of a surfboard is magical! 

Samsung+ Creator Profiles || D2 Dusty - Artist

This December we got the opportunity to help out with these Samsung+ Creator Profiles.  There were 3 of these profiles to be shot in 1 week! These are like micro Documenteries about these creators and what makes them tick.  They are a blast to shoot and very inspiring to hear each story.  Dusty of D2 Art does his stuff primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His process was amazing to watch!  

Boise, Idaho

Had a super crazy week helping out with a commercial shoot for Brady Industries with Justin Stephens.  6 different states in 5 days! We had the night off in Boise on Justin's Birthday and ate here at The Fork.  Good times!  



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