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Luke & Faliesha ~ Temecula, CA

Late September we had the honor to do both video & photography for the Meng wedding! It was such a fun wedding and Luke & Faliesha we amazing to work with.  We had crazy winds during and after the ceremony which was kind of stressful but ended up being a non issue and loved how everything turned out! Congrats Luke & Faliesha! We can tell how in love you two are with each other and wish you guys the best!

Samsung+ Creator Profiles || Album Surfboards - Matt Parker

For this Samsung+ Creator Profile, we traveled to San Clemente, California to shoot a piece on Matt Parker, Board Designer & Head Shaper for Album Surfboards.  It was such a honor to be able to be a part of this project. Something about seeing the shaping process of a surfboard is magical! 

Samsung+ Creator Profiles || D2 Dusty - Artist

This December we got the opportunity to help out with these Samsung+ Creator Profiles.  There were 3 of these profiles to be shot in 1 week! These are like micro Documenteries about these creators and what makes them tick.  They are a blast to shoot and very inspiring to hear each story.  Dusty of D2 Art does his stuff primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada.  His process was amazing to watch!